IMG_1402Flora Ménager has lived and travelled on both sides of the Atlantic and across the Channel, having grown up in France and the USA, and worked and studied an Italy, Prague, Lisbon and Sheffield. Her art is drawn from the people and places she has seen, with a style which combines literal representation with expressive use of colour and line: a meditation on her surroundings with a special focus on figurative subjects, cityscapes and nature, often depicting fish, birds and people in everyday scenes. She most enjoys the forms of intaglio printmaking, watercolour layered with textured gouache, and ink.
Flora graduated with a BFA from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin before coming to Sheffield, where she gained a Masters in Landscape Architecture. She now works as a landscape architect, gifting her a new perspective from which to see and record the world around her.
Flora teaches a variety of courses in painting and drawing at the Art House and loves the opportunity to share her passion for art with others!