Expressive Life Drawing – Multimedia Drawing, Painting & Collage (3x sessions)

Art Course £55.00

Date: 2 December 2020

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Online (Zoom)

Dec. 2nd, Dec. 9th and Dec. 16th (course cost includes all three dates)

*Also bookable as individual sessions (on it’s own seperate booking page)

Course Description

On this 3x online session figure drawing course with life models Ruth & Richard posing for us, you’ll learn multimedia techniques with the aim to represent the figure in an expressive and individualistic manner. This class is ideal for students who are interested in experimenting with different media to represent the human form!

All skill levels are welcome. Guidance will be given at all stages.

We will start the session by looking at example artworks for inspiration followed by a practical tutorial by Flora (your tutor) then on to art practice with a long pose by our lovely models Ruth & Richard who will be posing for us (nude), joining us through Zoom.









Dec. 2nd (1st session)

Media: Charcoal on white paper. White pastel and/or grey pastels on toned paper

Theme & Techniques: Chiaroscuro, taking inspiration from Carravagio and the old masters

With our lovely model Richard


  • 2x: 10-15 mins 
  • 1x: 1hr











Dec. 9th (2nd session)

Media: Gouache, Gold & Collage

Theme & Techniques: Working with colour, pattern & gold, taking inspiration from Gustav Klimt

With our lovely model Ruth


  • 1x: 20-30 mins 
  • 1x: 1hr


Dec. 16th (3session)

Media: Media of your choice

Theme & Techniques:  The pose will be inspired by the theme of ‘Embrace’ and  The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

With our lovely models Ruth and Richard


  • 1x: 20-30 mins 
  • 1x: 1hr


* I will send more info regarding what materials to prepare for the sessions closer to the date



The sessions will be hosted through Zoom.

Please download the Zoom app. If you haven’t zoomed before don’t worry, it’s not complicated. A little blue camera symbol will pop up on your phone, pad and laptop.

You’ll find the Zoom link for the sessions on the booking ticket AND I will send you the link via email that will take you directly to the sessions (no pasword required) on the day of the workshop.

I will start the session 15mins before the official start of the workshop. This will give us an opportunity to iron out any technical difficulties if there are any and have a chat 🙂



Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with Flora Ménager:

tel: 07379071336


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