Understanding Art & Art History (7x sessions)

Art Course £63.00

Date: 3 November 2020

Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Location: Online (Zoom)

“Sit back & join Mark on an exploration of art movements!”






Understanding Art & Art History (7x sessions)


Nov. 3rd – Dec. 15th (7X sessions)

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm



Course Description

Participants will gain a historical perspective on how western arts movement reflects the dominant ideas of the time.

Through the exploration and study of art movements, you will gain critical perspectives on how we can evaluate and understand art. Next time you are in gallery you be able to look at an artwork and understanding things such as;

What makes good art? What is art for? How is it made? How does it apply to other art forms such as gardens? Films? Colour?

The course will be lectured by Mark Beachell, art history connoisseur, multi-disciplinary artist and art tutor. Discussion throughout is promoted where we can heckle, contribute and ask any questions that come to mind!


*The topics covered are a progression of the courses that took place over the summer



Session 1: The Avant Garde – How the outrageous and cutting edge became the poster boys for culture.

Session 2: Abstract! – How the spirit world and the CIA conspired to make jackson pollock rich.

Session 3: Selfies – Artists looking in the mirror and not painting what they see.

Session 4: Orientalism – How to steal from other countries beautifully.

Session 5: Dystopia – Painting the world in its dysfunctional glory, but not as bad as this year obviously.

Session 6: Winter – A history of Art through looking at winter. Winter is coming.

Session 7: Sacred geometry – Somewhere in the space between magic and science, the belief that there is a plan behind it all, after all.


Your Tutor

Mark Beachell read art history at Cambridge prior to gaining a Masters in Contemporary Fine Art. He is a lecturer in Visual Studies working and in his personal artwork he uses techniques from the renaissance and has passion for creating sculpture from satellite data.









The sessions will be hosted through Zoom.

Please download the Zoom app. If you haven’t zoomed before don’t worry, it’s not complicated. A little blue camera symbol will pop up on your phone, pad and laptop.

You’ll find the repeating  Zoom link for the sessions on the booking ticket (no password required) AND I will send you the link via email that will take you directly to the sessions on the day of the workshop.

The first session will start 15mins before the official start of the workshop. This will give us an opportunity to iron out any technical difficulties if there are any and have a chat 🙂



For questions about payment contact Flora: lifeinterpretedstudio@gmail.com

For questions about the course contact Mark Beachell: mark.beachell@me.com

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